My space

Good morning !

Here’s to my favorite spot in my house , my bench & window , the sun glares through creating a warm cozy space , here you’ll find me taking photos , drinking coffee tea, journaling and my favorite time with Jesus .

And let’s be honest some time spent here isn’t always how I like , its spend with tears, prayers of what to do , looking out and feeling just empty disappointed, incomplete and hoping for change in life, marriage , friendships and in myself most of all ,

But most of all I’m reminded of Gods love that I can never fully grasp the depth of it but in that warmth in the happy and sad times I feel His love and read His truth and it always bounces me back to that place that fuels me most of all His presents and what it all about ❤️ L O V E kindness forgiveness and sometimes it’s so easy with all these and mostly so hard that’s where we find strength through Jesus He’s always there we just need to invite Him into our journeys He gives us beauty for our ashes . In different seasons His want is always the same even when ours change , He wants our HEARTS all of us , and when we give Him all of us I’ve learned that’s when change comes and the thankful loving kindness Flows .

This is an going goal to have this season everyday and embrace it even when life throws us curveballs .

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