Having a Martha home the Mary way

Book review :

Ive read this book in book club with few friends ,

Its some welcoming and loving yet a powerful message as martha and mary from tre bible in luke

It opens up ways maybe we havent relized we are so martha always worried about what needs done

Cooking cleaning chores the things we all have to tend to , but how it distracts us distances and makes us a bit angry amd overwhelmed and we miss the importance of spending time with Jesus

We miss the moments that matter

Everything don’t have to look perfect or be perfect

In this we miss the now the presence of joy peace and love

As Martha worries about cooking getting things ready while , can you imagine Jesus in your living room? Wow!!

He’s their while your cooking putting other things before Him and He only wants to spend time with you .

Then we have Mary who let everything go and sat at Jesus’ feet listening to His teaching and didn’t miss His Presence.

We need balance and this book teaches us that the healthy way

love love love this book

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