Book review : Scripture 911

I came across this book on audiable

And its just what I’ve needed in this new season of back to school for my son as he goes into 2nd grade , his sisters both doing home school , and all the craziness of the word right now with shooting all over and even bulletproof backpacks being released

My heart is so heavy and so anxious I’m having issues that I’m battling , having fear and anxiety and a sad heart ,

So when I’ve seen this it was like Jesus sharing with me here listen take some medicine my words will help you overcome . I downloaded this faster than ever and couldn’t wait to listen have these feelings fade out into the noise of the worlds matters and Just Focus on what Jesus says .

So as I listened this morning with a hopeful heart and just let it sink in and mediate on and when ever I need it

And memorize them hide them in my heart it’s not only a one time read book , it’s and over again listen too .

I encourage us all to lean on Jesus through these ulgy feelings and emotions and turn to His word these scriptures to melt the fear anxiety and worry away .

I pray this book helps and comforts you all as it’s helping me , it’s not gone to be an easy fix over night but the more we read His word and listen to them aloud the more hope feels out hearts and peace comes in.


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