Drink in

God and His ways are not secret, kept for some select group of priests who are tucked away in a musty monastery in a mountain pass in some remote area.  David declares the truth-God and His ways are made known to His creation.  By living according to these revealed truths, we can be confident that we will be in the presence of our God.

We also  know that His presence is good.  David goes so far as to say God is holding supreme or eternal pleasure, for our enjoyment, in His very right hand.  That is incredible.

How long has it been since you have been served a giant, heaping plate of pleasure in life?

examine thoughts, attitudes and practices that you may have been holding onto for a lifetime.  You will be encouraged to drink in the goodness of God and pour out some of the old ways of doing life, that quite frankly are not getting you anywhere.

Pour Out

As we come to God, take an inventory of your heart.  How could God work in your life now so you might experience some of His eternal pleasures?

Maybe ask God to help you define what these eternal pleasures are.

(Be sure to keep a record of your insights and thoughts during this time.  I have no doubt God will whisper to your heart .

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