Mom legacy’s

our life’s worthy of a legacy that points to Jesus , us as moms are always busy , happy, sad , overwhelmed so many things through out our day .

Theirs some days when our lives seen anything but purposeful . No one told us mom life meant the same thing over and over the same mundane tasks

Dishes .laundry. Cooking. Sleepless nights and lost of temper at times , even mom guilt . Rinse and repeat if we have time haha to shower .

How do we connect with Jesus through the mundane of motherhood? When all we see is the mountain of things to do for our family

Well Jesus is with us , in our routines

yup even while we’re cleaning the pee off the bathroom floor ( feel me boy moms)

We’re even filling our purpose for the Lord while doing so , while doing the 100th load of laundry washing dishes , washing the floor vacuuming and even sneaking in healthy food choices in our family meals .

So it’s okay to feel these things , all the things hey were moms always busy always full ,

But let’s remember in our daily routines our lives we matter and living out motherhood purposes

We’re raising tiny humans , and Jesus is with us every step every minute every happy sad hard and fun times too .

So leave your legacy of mom hood that points to Jesus ,

Let’s remember to keep that love kindness and smiles while even cleaning the pee off the floor haha.

Your worthy . You matter . Your strong

Your mom game is strong .

Your living your purpose as moms.

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