Drink and receive

Drink In

O Lord Almighty- Look to who you are trusting.  This is not a weak, timid god.  This is not a localized tribal superstition made into a tiki statue.  This is the Creator God. The God of Abraham and Isaac.  This is the God of Jacob.  Yahweh is His name.  The Lord of Hosts and the God Who Heals He is known by many.  The prophet Daniel called Him Ancient of Days.  And here God reminds us that He is Lord Almighty.

This means He is able.  Able to do what?  Able to meet every need we have.  Able to provide every comfort we require.  He is able to conquer every enemy looking to destroy.

Blessed is the man- This is a state of being.  It is very real and tangible.  To have God’s blessing is not just an internal comfort we can count on.  It will display as a capacity to rise above our dilemmas and circumstances that can often constrain us.

It is important to note that in this particular translation, the word ‘man’ is used as a place holder.  Realize that in God’s economy, He is not only interested in blessing men.  God wants to bless not only men-but also women, boys, and girls.  Whoever you are, God wants to be a blessing to you.  

Who trusts in You.- The bigger question is, are you able to be blessed by God?  We must choose to trust in God.  We must make a conscientious choice to lean into Him in trust.

Psalms 84:12

Oh Lord of hosts,

How blessed is the man who trusts in you!

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