Practicing presents and nurtures peace and contentment, it does! it’s only when we practice presence that we slow down enough to see how lovely our own lives are , it’s when we noticed all the ways God’s hand is on it . it’s when we stop and look at our people in the face and Noticed the flex of gold in our child’s eyes , the calluses on our man’s hands. its when we turn down the noise so we can hear the whispers of God’s pleasure as we walk with him in our work . when we reflect his glory in our plays through the days , it when we neel down an inhaled a fragrance of Jesus’s feet the ones washed with expensive perfume poured from alabaster by the woman just like you and me one with a regular life marked by ups and downs , it’s when we push the reset button and enter into Sabbath rest . these real life moments are beautiful I think even when we don’t stop to recognize them. ~

Here and Now

Read this book this was so beautiful written and hits home ,

Heart felt loving and truths!!

Here and now by kate merrick

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