Meet Shipharh and puah

shipharah and puah

• Their story is in exodus chapter 1 •

They We’re Hebrew women midwives,

Commanded by the evil king of Egypt to kill all the Hebrew baby boys , as soon as they were born . But these women feared God and were certain He has chosen the Israelites for a greater purpose.

Instead of killing the the Hebrew children, they lied to the king and let the boys live

They were stronger together, supporting each other in their task of saving the Hebrew boys.

Their actions were dangerous , yet they were still willing to risk their own lives to save others .

Together they honored the Lord by their regard for human life , and they saved a generation of Israelites , giving hope to a frightened , oppressed people.

They were regular Normal women , God used then He had a plan and purpose ,

What crazy reckless honoring fear they had for God ,

God has plans for your life as well , are you hearing them ? Are you answering His call

Are you fearing God enough to walk them out?

I pray for us all to be ready and hear His voice when we calls and we’re fearing God more than man.

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