When our hearts need soften

Ezekiel 37:26

Recently my husband and I experienced a ripple on the surface things hidden
I came down to words small ones really but we bruised each other‘s feelings we offered apologies but it didn’t take it didn’t want to brush it to the side I need it my point to be known and understood but so did he I slowly stewed in the juices of my righteous indignation
It Shames me to say, for a moment I found the anger exhilarating
I am a peacemaker by nature and other than the sublime frustration known by mothers of children everywhere
I’m not easily provoked.
Youd have to know me and my husband understand what an unusual situation this was we aren’t fighters
we’ve been together for years disagreed on many things big thing this didn’t seem to be a disagreement but an unwillingness to see things from each other‘s point of view
I had my point of you he had his point of you but the unwillingness was there I held onto my heart and frustration for the better part of hours, days
in which time I barely spoke to my husband he barely spoke to me unfortunately the coldness in my heart due every aspect of my life and even gone to the grocery store alone I couldn’t salmon a smile or even a happy thought
but just wallowed in that moment of the unwillingness
I existed maintaining a hard heart is both mentally and physically exhausting what a relief when we talked about it one last time placed it firmly behind is although the day of emotional distance made me appreciate our new closeness all the more
it’s not a lesson I want to repeat talking and change and wanting to change and bring in Jesus in the middle of the unwillingness that Unwilling just melts away
Ezekiel 3626 speaks of the Lord doing a great work and his children replacing hearts of stone with heart of Flesh or Hard can also harden in a less spiritual and more human more simple way we can harden our hearts against our friends are neighbors our children are husbands sometimes even our God
let’s not waste precious time holding regrets or withholding friendship or affection from the people in our lives
let’s remember that our God is faithful and is in the business Of softening hardened hearts
Ezekiel 36:26
I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit within you I will remove your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh

This has been one of my prayers for years and years over family members of hard times sad times lots of tears and I quoted it over and over again with a hope with faithfulness being obedient knowing my God will change the situation and he did he always did
he always comes through his promises never change never in never fade lately it has been my scripture again over me and my husband’s marriage over certain things that needs softened my heart his heart
for changed for a heart with a new spirit To remove the heart of stone as I always prayed over him yes and lately come to realize also mine in certain areas with certain issues

so I’m just encouraging you today don’t give up remain faithful keep praying keep praying scripture over your yourself your husband and your friends your family in the more we pray it the more hope comes alive inside of us and we trust God through the process and not grow weary in the waiting but trust .

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