Give God Opportunity

We must give God opportunity by seeds of faith . 1kings 17:8-16 this story with Elijah and the widow , the bin of flour and a little oil teaches us to invite God to work by his unlimited power within our limited circumstances and resources two important principles for our giving are illustrated by this passage of scripture
first we must give something out of our need that is the kind of giving that involves our faith. this woman had a need for herself and her family but she gave to sustain the ministry and life of God‘s prophet Elijah. Then God multiplied her giving back to her.
Second this woman gave first for giving activated the miracle supply of God flowing back into her life
God multiplied her seed sown . Are giving causes something to happen according to God‘s eternal principles of seed time and harvest there is an old saying that worth
without God you cannot; without . you God will not. God has already given from his side now we must step out and are giving to him doing so will release his flow of provision on our earth side of things sow!! Give him something to multiply!
Obedience . Trust .faithfulness

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