Reckless love

2 cor 9:6-8

I’ve been asked countless times how and why I would choose to use a word like reckless to describe the love of God. Allow me to illustrate this idea in an analogy.

A father plans to surprise his son with the gift of a lifetime: a red Lamborghini Aventador S for his sixteenth birthday. This model retails for almost half a million dollars.

Do you think it’s a sensible thing to do? I suggest that, in light of what we know about the general temperament of most teenagers, it is not sensible.

But was it a foolish gesture? I’d like to suggest that it was not.

You see, God doesn’t give gifts according to our ability to steward them perfectly or on our worthiness to receive them. Neither did the father in this story. God gives according to one criterion—His ridiculous kindness.

It’s His nature; He cannot be any other way. His character is overflow. There’s no caution in His kindness; there’s only lavishness.

  • Think back to the first time you heard “Reckless Love.” What was your reaction to the word reckless?
  • As you read my description of God’s reckless love, what deepened your understanding of God’s love for you? Which insight left you wanting to explore His love more?
  • If you could draw a picture that represented how you feel about God’s reckless love, what would it look like?

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