Well watered.

The art of abiding in Christ is the basis of being a well watered woman who bears eternal fruit for the kingdom of God.

In John 15 1:1-17 Jesus describes himself as the true vine and the father as the vinedresser he explains metaphorically that the life of the believer is fruitful through pruning and abiding in order to bear fruit it must be pruned what is dead and useless have to be removed by the Gardener to provide space for new growth.

How do we abide in Christ? It begins in the secret moments that you spend with Jesus the secret places to secret moments our secret moments must not get mixed up or neglected for outward service it’s the time our alone time one on one with Jesus

John 15:5 I am the vine you are the branches if you remain in me and I in you you will bear much fruit apart from me you can do nothing.

Keys to a fruitful well watered life lies in this verse above and is found through the discipline of daily abiding in Christ, what is the following reading your Bible and praying and talking with Jesus spending time with him searching his word getting to know him through his breath his words daily.

Time with Jesus is the match that will light your heart on fire to have a favorite walk with God that impacts the world.

The Greek word meaning of abide is meno , which means to remain to continue to be present and to wait for. Abiding is staying with Jesus every moment of the day, wherever you are. It is submitting to his authority his loving word walking step-by-step with him and enduring his glory. Abiding is our hope and our lifeline.

When spending time with Jesus we will never leave being hungry or dissatisfied after spending time with Jesus we will be joyful content hopeful. Let’s be still in in the secret place with him getting to know him through his word he is worthy of the first worthy of the last and worthy of every moment in between of our days.

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