Miracles from messes 

Genesis 16

Abraham and Sarah was promised a son but they didn’t wait they did things their way and Abraham Brought chaos and a mess in their home with Sarah’s servant Hagar , he and she bore him a son Ishmael

But that mess God turned it around and blessed Ishmael also and He seen Hagar , 

That’s how amazing God is. He knows how to bring good even when we fail and make a mess. God doesn’t turn His back when you make mistakes — just the opposite. He’ll not only help you clean up the mess you made, He’ll take it one step further and make miracles out of those mistakes.

Our God sees us , He is faithful and loving He will turn every mess we make around for His glory IF we invite him in , we all make mistakes , we’re not perfect God knows that’s why he sent His son Jesus to die for us , by his blood we’re made righteous and we’re washed of our sins! Only through Jesus .

So today whatever your mess your in call Jesus in invite Him in the mess and watch that mess turn into a message!!!

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