Power of praise

Wanted to share …
The power of praise
been reading 2chronicles past couple weeks
And yesterday seen Brenda talking about
Jehoshaphat and chapter 20 was my next chapter to read , I read it and it blew me away .
reading 2 choronicles 20
Verses spoke to me 9
Verse 15
Verse 17-18
Verses 20- 22
If we just Stand still , and praise him worship him God hears us He sees us
He stands before us He fights the battle
Our praises to Him and worship is enough
Through the storms we face
Here we see the importance of prayer and the humbling we need , bow to the ground and worship Him (vs18)
The body language of prayer.
Now when they begun to sing and praise
God with expectancy
That He would fight for them their
Enemies were defeated
Wherever and whenever Gods people praise Him , He our God reigns among us
And does miraculous things in our lives
On our behalf’s ( what we’re praying )
What seasons were in , what’s comming next
Praise the through the battles
They belong to the Lord ,
He protects us , We have His blood on our doorpost of our homes our Hearts our kids our spouses our family’s
And without a doubt we can trust and believe He is here with us and will bring us through the battles standing firm
Worshiping and thanking Him giving Him praise glory and our hearts more and more
Let’s dance through the rain
We stand on the rock
Our feet cannot be shaken
Stand and praise Him ❤️

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