Patriotic woman of God

Judges 4
Here we introduced to a woman called Deborah,
She was a prophetess , a leader a judge in isreal for 40 years.
Deborah sat daily under a palm tree and pray.
Their she spoke to God and heard from God , she was well known , the People would gather to hear from her decisions.
God raised her up with leadership abilities , she also was a warrior in battle , Barack was told by God through Deborah to go into battle to mount tabor , so he replied if you go with me I will go , Deborah accepted and said I will go with you.
God called her for His purpose , she was obedient through her relationship with God daily , she was strengthen , she was being prepared for whom she was to become .
Deborahs creative talents and leadership qualities distinguished her , Deborah wrote songs and sang them chapter 5 of judges
She was a
Patriotic woman of God

Patriotic = loyal expressing devotion supporting ones country.

She was all these to God , loyal , supporting , was devoted to Gods kingdom.

Deborahs effectiveness was her spiritual commitment and walk with God.
She’s still demonstrating today for us women who will allow the spirit of God to fill and form our lives , and develop fully who we was in Christ , and become who we called to be through Jesus Christ.

Reflect here :
What does our daily walk with God look like?
Where is our palm tree?
Deborah is a strong woman warrior for Gods kingdom
Are we ready for the call?
God is raising His army against the enemy
Are we in?

Read her story let God speak to your heart and lead you
Judges 4

Step into His words , what and who He called you to be.

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