Essentials ,

Hi friends
What’s some of the things you start your day with? What’s essential to you? As a wives , as moms we all need our things to get going and embrace the day , we need some lovin haha , selfcare , when we do we can tend to our crew better , we’re filled up and awaken, we’re nourished .
My mornings are quite while the kiddos sleep ✨
I can’t be without my word , and worship music playing 24/7
my journal , and my coffee or hot tea
While the coffee or tea fuels my physical man , my word, journal as worship tunes fuels my spirit man .
Physical and spiritual man , when we find the balance and the routine in our mornings we’re better for ourselves and those around us.
So tell me what’s your essentials to start your day ?
Stay blessed y’all

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