Judges 4:17-24
Here were introduced to another woman Jael,
Mentioned briefly but with such an impact and purpose .
a warrior woman of God
A woman is stealth and strength
A woman who as fearless , brave and courageous .
God used jael to deliver the Israelites from the hand of sisera .
In the battle he fled into the tent of jael she went to meet him , invited him in told him don’t be afraid , ( what courage )
He asked for a drink of water , she gave him milk , a sign of hospitality , he was weary and tired she covered him up and he fell asleep,
As he sleep Jael went softly to him took a hammer and a tent peg, and drove it through his temple , it went through to the ground and he died.
Wow can we talk about how fearless and brave jael was. Wow!!
She was obedient
She was a tool used by God
She embraced who God called her to be
This was her purpose for Gods kingdom
Jael used what she had ,right where she was .
I can’t imagine being in that moment ,
But GOD always prepares us for who we are to be for His plan and purpose .
He strengthens us
He calls us strong
He calls us warriors
He calls us brave and courageous
Jael stepped fully in her role who God called her to be
And stepped out of what society called her
Just a wife , a daughter .

Are we embracing who we are?
Are we trusting God?
Are we using what God has given us?
Are we being strong , brave , courageous for God?

Seek God , let Him lead the way Trust and embrace His path and who you are called to be
Let Him prepare you for His plans.

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