Prayer power

Okay y’all hi their .

So lately Gods has been teaching my heart about prayer , the importance how it activates it all , it’s the key to unlocking our faith. It’s been comming up lately a lot, talking with different friends , cousins and most importantly GOD. It amazing how He reveals so much . I find it that the enemy attacks mostly against prayer life , those lies God dont hear you , you don’t know how to pray, God don’t wanna hear you nag and so forth. But when we are aware of the lies of the enemy against prayer , woweeee!!!! Prayer makes us more faithful, hopeful , confident in who we are in HIM. It unlocks the door to all Gods flowing favor and blessings .

Think of it like this, prayer is our access line directly to the king of Kings , the God of the universe the creator of the world . And He Jesus yes, knows our name and craves to hear from us , desires a relationship with us . It’s like your best friend , you can’t wait to hear from them , God our savior Jesus Christ delights in us . Calls us Co heirs calls us a royal priesthood , and so much more read Ephesians chapter 1-3 it’s who we are in Christ! Chapters 4-6 it’s our battle plan to battle the right way gear up and speak it walk it and Prayer activates it all.

If we’re not talking to someone how can we get to know them? You can’t . The more we talk and hangout with someone we know then their ways and we long for that when we don’t right , thats how it is with God , the more we hang with a Him in His word and taking to Him through prayer we get to know Him more . That relationship grows

When Jesus went to the cross for us took our place died for our sins , that veil was torn we have straight access to Jesus ! Anytime anywhere !!!

The more we spend in prayer we know who we are in Christ! We’re pausing being still hearing Gods voice was He speaks , is a 2 way call not one sided , we need to listen for His voice what does he have to say to our hearts.?

Psalm 46:10 be still and Know I am GOD.

Things help me grow in prayer More is creativeness , y’all know I’m a #4 hahah so journal prayers , get photos of People your praying for , write your prayers on them , place them in your journal, vision board your bible . To me seeing the visual of what’s to come make my faith stronger and hopeful for what’s to come in Gods time , just trust along the way.

Easier said than done yes , but with God all things are possiable , one of my favorite passages ,

Luke 1:45 blessed is she who believed that the Lord would fulfil His promises to her .

Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me .

Trust . Once we commit to it and believe it in our hearts , the more natural it becomes and it’s the way of life . The more we tell God we trust you , the more we do it becomes alive speaking His promises aloud those words manifest and wow do they become seen more and more in our lives .

Prayer the beautiful seen we have in John 17 when Jesus himself prays for us , His amazing love for us , just that picture alone Jesus Himself prays for us , battles for us, represents us before the father , Jesus our advocate pleads our cases and washes us clean in Him blood , forgives us , makes as worthy through His blood .

Y’all talk about a picture to see right ?! Wowww His love co unconditional .

So prayer something I’m still working at stepping into with confidence , and with bravery into the role His has called me , a prayer warrior .

I believe the things God has In store for us , is the things the enemy attacks us mostly with. Try’s to make ya feel dumb and not enough to step into it. I say this for years about prayer , not feeling like I know how or the words , but thats a lie, the Enemy try’s to use . Thats when it’s time to take our helmet of salvation , pick up our swords and battle the right way! With His word Daily and renewing our minds , and with prayer , it’s the key to access all Gods favor and blessings , He gives us freely their already ours ! We have to accept them , embrace them just take them. And that comes with walking with Jesus daily in His word His truth , prayer prayer prayer and more prayer !

So children of the king , walk with Jesus take up your helmet , pick up your sword and battle the right way! And importantly Activating our armor and faith through prayer!!

God bless , a little from my heart to yours Shantel .

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