Battle ready

In this season , God has been teaching my heart more of who He is and who I am in Him ,
Teaching me about battling in prayer and How to activate His armor , His truth in my life
Revealing to my heart the realness of His word, of His truth
Reading His word , but not only reading it applying it , embracing it truely and knowing His promises still are alive , still stand , and still mine .
The helmet of salvation , walking in a his salvation daily isn’t always easy but, it’s our privlliage As a child of God .
The more we do it the more we become alert to the enemy’s schemes against us and his lies . Renewing our minds
Picking up our helmet of salvation , we’re protected , we’re prepared we fight Gods way not in our ways but Gods.
Salvation is indestructible it’s out protection it’s our fortified city in Him , our promise
When we walk boldly in Him knowing who we are in Christ we become who God calls us to be.
The sword of the spirit , the word His truth Gods breath , it’s alive it’s active it’s everlasting when spoken and sent forth it never goes void , through Jesus we have the authority to Trample snakes and scorpions Luke 10:19 over all the power of the enemy.
His word is our sword it cuts the lies of then enemy with Gods truth .
It pierces the lies with truth
Nothing can stand against Gods word.
When we activate our armor through prayer we become Gods warriors , ready for the battles against the enemy and his lies
God calls we answer , He leads and gives us what we need to overcome through Him alone we are made strong , capable , enough are His warriors .

Fight the right way,
fight the good fight which we called for
Take up your helmet of salvation and pick up your sword.
Faith over fear.

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