God created us for His purpose and fellowship , for unity
for relationship .
We are created in His image , we’re called to create for Christ
Jesus In stills in us talents and gifts that
We’re passionate about certain things because that’s how He Created us unique and one of a kind .
When we use are things for Him and His glory we bring honor unto His name
And He delights over us
Do unto the Lord , invite Him in the things He has gifted you in and use them for His kingdom.
Take that step in faith canceling fear
Jesus ‘ opinion is all that matters .

All the colors in our life, our stories are who we are , they make the color to our life’s journey bright and beautiful ,
broken colors still color .

What is God calling you to?
What is your creating purpose ?
Are we embracing ? Or Are we Denying

Our story’s become who we’re meant
to become
Who God says we are .

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