The importance of praise
Let’s camp here for a mintue .

Deut 10:21
He is your praise and He is your God , who has done for you these great and awesome things which your eyes have seen.

Praising God gets us through the storms ,
Praising Him builds our trust and waters our faith .
Praising Him is a act of thankfulness for who He is.
The Lord himself is to be the sole object of our praise , in the verse about referring to
Isreal , His People who he set free from Egypt , from captivity .

The worship of God is a vital part of the
Covenant requirements . Through worship man gives an inward response and an outward expression of his relationship to God .
It’s our song to Him our gratitude

Think about it , what can we possibly give to God ? Theirs nothing physically right ,
All God wants is us
The only thing we can give Him
is our praise and worship .
Sit their for a mintue….. wow right ,

We were created to worship Him God don’t need us He chose us
He deserves all our praise and worship it’s the only thing we can give Him and He is worthy of it all.

Praise changes us sometimes we don’t reload it but through our praises we made stronger , strengthen, more faithful more trusting and kept humble toward others .

He inhabits the praise of His people
Psalm 22:3

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