Breastplate of righteousness

Hey friends another piece of the armor arrived
Wanted to share a little what the breastplate of righteousness means to me and how it came alive in this past week to my heart.

The breastplate of righteousness ,
When we ware it we’re dressed in Gods righteousness made possiable through Jesus Christ , in Him alone we are worth to walk in His righteousness
It’s beauty it’s strength it represents the bronze strong fortified structure it demonstrates
It’s another piece of our salvation our promise to protect us from the enemy’s attacks
The more we read Gods word and seek Him the more it’s beauty shines , when we seek Him and hide this word in our hearts the storonger it becomes and the more bronze illuminates His glory
I’ve read it before how many times but not till last week it became personal to me .
The breastplate of righteousness
Is an essential and vital part of a soldiers armor , it protects the important vital organs that keep us alive.
This being worn if in battle the Enmey hits the arms legs it will hurt and forsure be painful
But it can’t kill you!
The soldier will be bruised and bandaged But will survive .
Welll this is like us , as believers the unseen battle the spiritual battle
When we have on our breastplate our main vital organ is protected , guarded safe against the enemy’s attack
It guards our heart for the lies the harm the negitaive overflow , the anger the unforgiveness that tries to get in , And take root .
It’s Amed straight for our heart but with Gods righteousness guarding our heart it has to flee in Jesus name and authority !!!

We are clothed in His righteousness , His glory nothing can take us down when were protected and dressed in His armor
We strong , strengthen, warrior for Christ and His army ,
When we’re dressed for battle , we walking in the Authority God gives us to conquer the enemy!
The more battles we fight and win with Jesus leading us the more we are strengthen and the more stronger our armor , our breastplate gets! And it shines with His glory .

So the breastplate has become a important piece to add to the helmet of salvation and the sword !
In dressing in it daily it stops the enemy’s attacks to take root and grow,
It might hit and hurt BUT I can’t take root
It guards my heart
Protects my heart
Strengthens my inner peace , the inner man the helper , the Holy Spirit to feel His direction to trust and follow Jesus and His plans for battle ✨

Ephesians 6

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