Okay again the Lord woke me up with
Genesis 3:17
At 3:17 am , I said what Lord , what does Genesis 3:17 what message are you sending ?
Meditated all night , woke up and again I said Jesus what are u telling me ?
Opened my bible again to genesis 3:17 and read it again

Then to Adam he said because you have heeded the voice of your wife and eaten from the tree of which I commanded you saying, you shall not eat of it
“Cursed is the ground for your sake in toil you shall eat of it all the days of your life “.

Sat here for a few and ,
well we see in genesis 3 the first sin and the first promise
Sin , Adam and Eve disobeyed Gods command they ate the fruit , in verse 15 we see the promise the forest proclamation of the messiah Jesus Christ

Adam here was spared a direct curse , his major mistake was listing to his wife and not God
Man was created and was most special
Man has the most responsibility over his home provider of the family , so as a result because of his sin , it won’t be easy providing it will be a struggle , which only ends in death .

Man being Gods most valuable creation in the earth , think the would literally stands and falls with mans actions

Continue to be sinfulness it caused the flood
Genesis 6:12 and 13

Contrast , the obedience of one man , Jesus Christ brought justification and righteousness .

What’s God saying ?
God what’s to reveal His truth and beauty to the world , only through the redeemed of mankind .

As believers we each have a strategic significance in our own sphere , our own being
We as woman or as men Must strive to maximize the impact of good and encourage others to do the same

Be a woman of influence
Be a man of influence
For God and His impact on the world .

Don’t let the world influence you and be used to influence for the world .

We represent Christ , we’re His ambassadors
Through Jesus Christ we are redeemed !
We’re made new , we have a mission for Gods Kingdom
Pick up your staff , follow the Lords command be a influence for His kingdom

As woman , as man
We have critical roles of the affairs on the earth .

Just like Adam we sin, God won’t leave us there , we can always come to Him repent and be forgiven accept His grace and mercy made possiable through His sons blood ,
The blood of Jesus Christ .
Our redeemer our savior .

If y’all have anything to add please do so God has something for us here in genesis 3:17
I believe theirs more but He hasn’t revealed it all yet , He’s given me little nuggets here and their on genesis 3:17

We have influence , someone’s always watching us , let’s influence for the good ,
For Jesus Christ

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