Listen more than you talk

James 1:19-20

God is telling us to listen more than we talk
Think about it :
God would have made us with two mouths and one ear ( haha) but really
God is telling us not to easily become offended , upset or angry .
If we have bad tempers , fly off the handle when things arise , we need to slow down
Listen more and talk less
Think before we speak , words matter they hurt they build up and tear down.
The more we tell God that we talk to much which he knows , but we have to be honest with Him and He will begin to teach us How to be quick to hear and slow to speak .
Trust God tell Him everyday to help you manage your words and when to speak and when to listen , He will help with feelings of anger and slow us down to speak with that emotion in play , He will teach us to be wise prudent and listen first.
When we act and speak ulgy we aren’t happy we try to trick ourselves but let’s be real right ?!
We’re not enjoying our lives as God intended
It’s vital to control our slow to speak and quick to listen to enjoy all God has for us and don’t let the enemy still our joy.

Remember , listen more than we talk.

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