Praise and rejoicing

Throughout Luke’s gospel
The recipients of Gods grace praise Him for His wonderful deeds
1:44 46, 64 2:13 38, 5:25-26 7:16 13:13 17:15-18 18:43 19:37 24:53

In acts praise accompanies healing (acts 2:47 3:8-9 4:21)
And the salvation of the gentiles (acts 11:18 13:48 21:20)

The motif of praise is closely linked to key theme in Luke
That the fulfillment of Gods promise in the comming of Jesus the messiah is a cause for joy and rejoicing .
The ot prophets had predicted that the nature itself would break forth in songs of praise when Gods salvation arrived
(Isaiah 55:12 )

When Jesus entered Jerusalem at the end of His ministry his disciples shouted and sang
Praising God for all the wonderful miracles they had seen Luke 19:37-40

At the end of the gospel the disciples return to Jerusalem field with great joy and they spent all of their time in the temple praising
Luke 24:52–53

God the arrival of God‘s marvelous salvation is a cause for rejoicing and praise

Are we rejoicing and praising Jesus ?
Are we showing gratitude to our savior ?
Are we being filled with Gods joy ?
And are we letting it overflow to others?

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