Delaying ….

Healing repentance and humility
Numbers 12:1-16

This passage relates her Moses’ sister Miriam was healed of leprosy.
She revived physical healing through inter session of Moses
However her healing was delayed 7 days ,
Because of her sin in defying the God given leadership of Moses
Is it possible that delays in receiving answers to our prayers may sometimes be a result of a sinful attitude?
Is there instruction in the fact that the progress of the whole camp was delayed until Miriam was restored?
Repentance and humility will not earn healing but they may as with Miriam clear the way for God’s grace to be revealed more fully
1 Corinthians 12:20-27

What’s delaying our process?
Is our attitude effecting others , causing a delay to move in our journeys ?
Are we stuck outside the camp till we are aware and repent ,

In verse 9-15
We see the punishment of leprosy only effects Miriam but, its an important to note that
Arron is the one to confess the sin of both of them (verse 11)

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