The daily pursuit

Hi friends , good morning , afternoon welcome!

This morning I got up , got chores done Ezra early , ive missed being up so early to having Jesus time in the 7/8am hour .

As I was making my tea and meditating on Jesus , praying my mind sat down and began to think ,

How our Jesus walk , is a daily pursuit , if we miss it , it shows , if we walk it daily it shows , I’m reminded of the importance and spending time on the word and the feels it brings , peace , joy and love more and more for Jesus and who He is ! And we know more about our Heavenly Father God , His character His plan unfold before our eyes from the OT to the NT , how it al foreshadows Jesus Christ our Lord and savior .

I find myself more and more in awe and drawn to His truth . And seeing changes in myself , I still mess up I’m a sinner I need Jesus always , but just because we mess up don’t mean we can’t pick up with Jesus , confess our wrongs, repent ask for His forgiveness , His grace , His mercy . He washes us white as snow purifys our hearts !

Yessss!! That’s something to shout about , thank you Jesus Christ!

It’s a process a journey , keep at it keep gone forward with Jesus daily He is with us leading us guiding up along the way , even when we make the pit stops He is their waiting for us to get back on the journey He laid before us , the plans He has for us (Jeremiah 29:11)

He created us (psalm139) were all created unique , and have purpose , created fearfully and wonderfully made.

So the daily pursuit, it’s a process we’re never finished , we never arrive fully where we’re to be it’s journey where God leads we might stay for a season but then it’s gone to head out again for His glory and plans , it’s ongoing , it’s a lifestyle .

I encourage y’all today , keep walking with Jesus daily , breath Him in more and more remain Humble , and embrace the journey He leads .

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