Heaven and hell

Oh my goodness
We all throw around lightly the words heaven and hell and christianity ,
For years I’ve wanted to listen to these books
On heaven and hell , but i don’t know why I was always fearful
But they poped up and
Wow , guys
Jesus is real , the devil is real
It’s time to stop playing with our eternity , stop playing with the things of the world
Whatever that may be ..
Listening to this the details of hell and the tourment enflicked on the people who arrive their and can’t escape , can’t die just screaming out in tournent over and over forever 😢😢😢😢😢😢
and Jesus’ heart
For all His creation , how He made hell for the devil not His created people
But how the devil deceives souls and they follow him and wake up their for ever and ever.
how in hell you can feel , hear and remember

Keep praying for lost to find the truth find Jesus the light and get out or darkness

This book is an eye opener even to believers
This was something the Lord revealed to the writer , not saying it’s just like that or it’s not but we know hell is a place of tourment for eternity.

It’s time to wake up and let the Holy Spirit lead bring you back to Jesus if you have strayed ,
Worship Jesus read His word learn of His truth

I’ve listened to the heaven Audiobook and shared it and wow in such awe and what’s to come , the realness if heaven wow!!! Excited to see ✨ and learn more of Jesus and be bold for Christ
glory to Jesus our Lord .

Video audiobooks below



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