Pilgrims passing through

We’re all pilgrims passing through the wilderness the world into our destinations, the Promiseland. life‘s a series of journeys we will never fully reach our destination once we arrive for a season then the season shifts we’re headed on another journey. Just as Moses, Aaron and Joshua led to Israelites on the journey to the land God promised them, the land flowing with milk and honey, fully full of abundance, along the way how many times did they get delayed? But they delayed their own process, their lifestyle choices lead them to a detour we know they wandered 40 years, wow. Can you imagine that?!! Well we’re guilty of the same maybe not 40 years hopefully not LOL, but still we delay our journey to where God is calling, we delay the process to our promise. But let’s not get discouraged, but be encouraged through the process of delay we learn, we grow, we’re strengthen, we become overcomers . We overcome the bump in our delays and we’re ready to begin the journey again, like I said series of journeys , it’s always a process before the promise. So we reach that destination from that journey to the next in the process we are like Joshua, we have the testimonies to share, to help, the memorial stones to remind us where we’ve been, what we have overcome hallelujah . Read Joshua 24:26-28 not only Joshua, but Jacob as well in Genesis 28:16-18 Jacob Awoke from a dream took the stone which he had laid his head on placed it as a pillar a memorial stone ,which he overcame he knew God was with him all along .
Let’s remember God is with us always he will never leave us or for sake us so as we are all on our journey somewhere remember who is leading us, who is strengthening us as were walking along, keep our eyes on Jesus, stay grounded in him, in so we will stop our delays to our promised land on our journeys and will arrive on time where he’s calling us in this season.

Enjoy the journey .

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