I stand here .

I stand here Lord , was my hearts prayer and my declaration all in the same breath , I left it all in the ocean to be washed away , at His feet I left it ,later down the fear in me , I exchanged it for Jesus’ peace .

From brokenness to His promises , Lord I stand before you , worshiping Him praising our God , my spirit was hopeful excited and mostly felt His love embracing me as I poured out my heart to Him .

He is always their ready to embrace our brokenness , or heaviness our Cry’s our fears , His victory overcomes all. In Him we are overcomers , in our anxious spirit We find rest in Christ

Matthew 11:28

As His child claiming peace , Lord I Stand here . I’m embracing your promises , they still stand today yesterday and tomorrow’s .

On your wings Lord , I will run with you and not faint .

As I gazed into the ocean with awe of Gods creation , He refreshed my weary bones , I was encouraged in the Lord .my hope was renewed .

Here I stand . I told Him show me Lord , show me more Jesus , more of you .

Proclaim today , I stand here Jesus.

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