Jesus stands with us

Okay , so have you ever been faced with standing alone , taking all the blame for something you didn’t do alone? Caught in the wrong place at the wrong time ?

Like wow okay , you look back and realize it’s all you , and you get the blame for the actions that someone else had part in to?

Well , let’s see what Jesus has to say about this , let’s walk in His truth , over situations we have faced or will face.

Jesus stands with us , we’re not alone

He even bends down to meet us in the mess !

In John 8:3-5 Jesus meets the women caught in adultery , the very act yet she stood their alone , accepting all the blame ,

John 8:3-5 The scribes and Pharisees brought a woman who had been caught in adultery and making her stand before all of them they said to him teacher this woman was caught in the very act of committing adultery now in the law of Moses commanded us to stone such a women, now what do you say?

Where was the other guilty party? Why wasn’t He dragged their Also? You can’t commit that act alone .

This was an act she was caught in , but the religious leaders was less concerned with that and more concerned with testing Jesus . Would Jesus encourage them to stone her or speak against the law .

Sometimes people don’t care about the issue but more about just wanting to see the outcome , see drama , see the show .

But Jesus standing with her was God made in the flesh, most powerful and most wise who knew exactly how to defend her!

Let me repeat that : Jesus knew exactly how to defend her !

At the end of the day we all have sinned and in need of a savior . She was at the wrong place at the wrong time , yet Jesus stepped in her mess with her , he bent down with her , she was never left alone .

Trust That God sees and knows all . They way you are being tested, treated and is able to step in and help you .

You are not your mistake ! Jesus loves you and does not condemn you , but only loves you . God sees not only what youse done but who you are, your purpose , your future.

In Gods eyes you are worthy of compassion , mercy and advocacy.

So back to the women caught , think how she must have felt humiliated , ashamed , exposed yes! Even though she did sin and was guilty , Jesus stood with her , and Jesus will stand with you ! Doesn’t matter what you may have done or did or doing , Jesus fights for you , He meets you in the mess and helps you stand to your feet ,

He redeems you, saves you, forgives you . Never leaves you alone , but meets you .

Even when the other guilty party don’t show up , leaves you alone , remember Jesus is with you always , standing with you , bending down to meet you in the mess and will help lift you up . Don’t worry about the others , just focus on Jesus His love His forgiveness and His presence through the accusations. Only His opinion matters , He has last say.

Be encouged , Jesus stands with you friends .

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