The God who Sees .. El-Roi

The God who sees me

Let’s take a look at the God who sees us.
As we experience a glimpse into Hagar and her story .
Genesis 16 we meet Hagar
Let’s dive into her life ,
Hagar’s experience with God is one of the most captivating in scripture .
Her story is linked with Abraham and Sarah .
Her story teaches us how God intervene in our situations to extend grace and love when we feel hopeless , despair and invisible and tossed aside .
As being a princess , the daughter of pharaoh , then when Abraham and Sarah was passing through she left with them as a maid servant . From their she became a wife to Abraham given to him by Sarah , to grow their family , she was to bore a child for Sarah.
She has no choice in the matter , Sarah made that choice for Hagar and Abraham .
Talk about a painful situation, yikes!
Hagar has no control over her life or her body .
Talk about feeling used then kicked to the side . After she becomes pregnant , Sarah becomes angry , this explode Sarah caused a mess , she try’s to blame Abraham , Sarah dealt harshly with Hagar .
Amah Hebrew word for “ dealt harshly”
Hagar runs ways from Sarah into the wilderness, no money , no food no help of any kind.
Maybe we can relate?
Maybe theirs no peace or home, feeling alone from family or even our husbands , feeling not worthy , unloved maybe You have suffered violence from someone you trusted ? Maybe just maybe you ran away for a dry desolate situation like Hagar with no help or resources .
But their is help after all , most certain the Lord shows up! He showed up to Hagar and initiates a conversation with her .
God listens her story and sends her right back to Sarah , to that life she left , which let’s be honest seems unfavorable right,
Until , this is the beauty in Gods plan
Until you realize that God is ensuring that she and her child survive.

God is securing her future promising to give her a son and to multiply her offspring. If we look closer at what happens we find incredible power and encouragement for our own lives.

The most encouraging part of this story is the way this experience with God proves to be absolutely life-changing for Hagar.

Hagar is the only person in the Bible who has distinction of naming God. In verse 13 she says
“Have I really seen God and remained alive? And names God El-Roi , which in Hebrew means “the God who sees “

Hagar ultimate realization and all that she experienced was God sees me!

God seen the danger her and her child was facing ,
She ran out of options , with no where to go , God took notice and acted on her behalf , He stepped into her mess and helped her out, even when she didn’t realize it first .
God never misses a single event in our lives , God sees us and responds with compassion for us , He don’t condemn us .

Remember when feeling in despair and like there’s nowhere to go ,
God El-Roi is the God who sees !
And always shows up .
their is hope and redemption for our situations.
We must look for the Promises God speakers , hold fast to them and listen to The God who sees us!

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