Exodus 12
We encounter the Passover ,
In few chapters right before Passover we learn Moses was commissioned by God to lead the isreallites out of Egypt , but pharaoh would not let them go so
The Lord hardened Pharaohs heart, why ? Because to show him the Miracles and wonders of God.
God sent 10 plagues on Pharaoh and the land of Egypt .
The tenth plague was the death of the firstborn .
Wow can you imagine that !
While this was in effect as the Lord spoke to Moses He told Moses and the elders of isreal to
Pick out lambs for each household Vs 21
Take hyssop ( purifying tool) dip it in the blood of the sacrificed lamb from the basin apply the blood on the lentil and the doorpost and none will be harmed vs 22

Getting the message here ?
Wow let me paint the scene a little bit
Where destruction is coming us as children of God and his people , He sends the warning and through the blood of Jesus Christ we are protected kept from harms way .

by doing so the destroyer will Passover the childeren of Israel , how does He know ?
He sees the blood of Christ over us , our homes our body’s
We are covered with the blood of Jesus
Bought with a price ,
No one can harm us !

Wooo give some praise to God
Thank you Jesus for your blood on the doorpost of my heart, my home , my babies , amen!

You see we are the heritage of God Ransomed by the blood of Jesus redeemed by his blood , protection through his blood , forgiveness through his blood , His grace and His mercy overlooks our wrongs and only sees love and through that unconditional compassionate love He protects, He watches over His sheep.
our guarantee psalm 91 and under the shadow of the Almighty!!

Let’s not go back to Egypt , what we were called from delivered from ,
To what we was captured to , Jesus set us free from all the Egypt’s in our lives .
We’re delivered from that land
Covered with His blood ,
We walk redeemed and protected with our king Jesus Christ!

As our bodies are the temple of the Lord , He dwells in us , let’s keep His blood that was shed for us on the door posts of our hearts.

All glory to God ,
Thank you Lord for your protection and for your son Jesus’ blood that recused us

2 thoughts on “Passover

  1. May I ask what word is tattooed here? I love the story of Passover, but more so the Exodus. The tattoo is beautiful. I’m excited to follow your blog!

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