godmothers book launch!

godmothers✨ when I hear this I think Of Cinderella fairy godmother , today this arrived im so thankful to be part of @lisabevere Lisa’s new book launch team! Yayy . Such a beautiful package and cute wand inside can’t wait to read this and share with you all .
The message here is mentors , who is our spiritually mentors in Jesus Christ , and who are we being spiritually mentors as well.
I love this on the back of the book “ someone to whisper a blessing and a word of courage over your life . Someone to help you close the gaps , a guide who sees your Potential waiting to be recognized , your challenges in need of transformation , and your questions requiring honest answers”.
Lisa has been on of my biggest spiritual mentors , I don’t know her personally, but through her teachings and her books she has taught me so much and encouraged me in the Lord Jesus Christ. Im excited to learn how to be a spiritual godmother to others , and have some as my own❤️
Thank you @Lisa bevere so so much God bless your heart

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