Sharing my heart

Hey!! You guys only 1st chapter in and wow, so much direction , so much truth in love . We’re all daughters of the king we’re called goddaughters ! This books is to inspire us all to rise up and be spiritual godmothers (mentors) to those around us , and to notice the spiritual godmothers in our lives and embrace their guidance and direction through Jesus Christ !
I have for years asked this question? “ Lord who are they ? Send them into life “
The deep conversations that cause us to grow , flourish and to be poured into, to be discipled to pour into others for years has been my prayer
And Jesus spoke to my heart , ✨ encourage mentor well in love , teach my ways, be to others what you been seeking , I feel you up through my word I pour into you , so you can pour into others.
Me I am your mentor , the Holy Spirit lives In you , I equip the called , I prepare you,
Just go . I handle the gaps ✨
For years I’ve have a deep passion for women, to connect , to grow, to encourage and inspire , to come alone side youse and walk together in our journeys
And it’s never been clearer over the last few months , God has plans for my life with women’s ministry .
To speak , teach , cry , laugh and learn and grow together along the way .
This is my heart , all I said was “here I am Lord , “ making myself available for the Lords work as Moses and Joshua spoke to the Lord . Here I am
All of my hardships , the valleys has been teaching and growing seasons and for the testimony to the Lord Jesus Christ , each one has equipped me for where God is walking me .
Process to the promise .
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