Faithfulness + humbled spirit

Hey guys!
So have a little something to share about faithfulness + humble spirit
Was thinking today
Have you’ve ever been outside in the rain with your kids on purpose or not planned and the rain is the kind that hits against your face , your kids grab onto you eyes closed face hidden .
Can you see where I’m gone with this ?
Our kids trust us eyes shut in all !
They know we’re gunna lead them to safety
To Guide them along the journey .
That’s how we’re suppost to trust God
Eyes shut all in
just grab onto Him and have faith and trust Him where He leads .
Jesus is always faithful to shepherd us live us forgive guide us
All we have to do is say yes ! Lord here I am even when we don’t know where we’re go just lean into Him and remember child like faith
Trust without boarders .

My tiny disciples

I find my kids part of my best teachable moments , how God uses them to speak to my heart and learn from them in those little moments , choose to ask Jesus , what are your teaching me here ? How can I apply this
As God chose my 3 arrows (psalm 127:3-4)
Availee , Bailee, Jon-Mikel He gave to me to teach disciple and steward over them
They also teach me ,
Remind me to have unconditional love everyday and to keep child like faith remain humble and keep a teachable spirit
To be discipled and to disciple

The great commission.


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