Dip into destiny

2 Kings 5:1 we encounter a man named naaman he was a mighty commander a mighty man of valor , he gave the orders to go stay comeback or follow.

But naaman had a secret , in public he lived one way and at home another. In the public eyes he was dressed full armor beautiful shiny armor leading his troops . But at home his armor was off he was fully exposed , and his secret was not hidden . Naaman was a leper!

Leper’s was not allowed in the camps , in the city or defiantly not a rank commander . They were casted out of the city.

Behind closed doors what are we hiding?

In public he was praised

In private he had problems

He was fearful to loose he rank, his position .

Leprosy is a disease that eats the skin

All the way to the bone and causes rotting

We hid things that are eating away at us also , but sooner or later the smell of the hidden things arise , they show and we can’t hid them anymore they are revealed .

Chapter 5:2-3 naamans wife’s servant knew someone who could help him of his leprosy ( an Israelite girl)

Remember it’s not what we do , but it’s who we know

We look everywhere for our Solutions

We search and search , BUT our Solutions

Are in our own homes.

Wow! 5:8-9 our healing is in our humility .

Humbleness heals our souls , be real

Be honest , reveal the hidden , when we’re

Use to giving orders as naaman did , it’s hard

For us to receive them .

Chapter 5:10-12 Elisha told him , naaman became angry , he told him dip 7 times in the water and you’ll be healed of leprosy

Naaman didn’t wanna listen , he thought he was to good for that dirty nasty water the Jordan river

Naaman was not humble . Be humble we’re willing to follow instructions, God Will lift us up . Humbleness is key

Chapter 5:13 his servant telling him do it now , how bad do we want healing , change anything that’s hidden to be moved .

We know the how , but are we gunna do it?

Verse 14 naaman dipped 7 times , he was restored , he was clean . He had to get in the dirty , the muddy humble himself and that’s where the change came , amazing things happen in the mud , it’s a new beginning just as we plant in the mud things grow

Naaman kept dipping , and dipping but first their was no change , he was getting

discouraged so he dipped again and again , and on the 7th dip he was healed! When we keep doing what we’re told it’s a process sometimes until our hearts have the right motive , until we fully trust and have faith in God that we believe it , don’t give up what if your so close and you didn’t dip one more time , and your next dip was the change!

Don’t give up , dip again . Keep reading Gods word , His truth don’t stop believing His words are alive and never come back void, if the first time nothing dip again, it’s us that’s stoping it , God is working on us in that process , remember humility is key for change.

Verse 15 naaman knows who the one true GOD is , he proclaims GOD !

See our trials are part of our testimony’s . We’re to share what God brang us from and delivered us from , the memorial stones for others to glean from and lean and apply along their journeys .

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