God walks•
So this morning as I took walked and quieted my heart , the importance of our words truely matter and can build up or knock down someone even ourselves . In Luke 6:45 Jesus is teaching us the tongue is the tail of the heart : how is our tongue waging is it always betraying us -the ulgy sin in our hearts OR a heart overflowing with grace that spills out to others ? What Jesus is saying here quietly interrupts every conversation. We are what we speak . A cup of fresh water can’t spill filthy water . When we’re upset we upset what’s inside of us .

Proverbs 11:9-13 the tongue can be a very tool of evil or of good
Belittle not or we become belittled vs12
Speak the words that make the soul stronger , sometimes the way to show the greatest understanding is to let your tongue sit steal vs12
Our tongues are daggers to slash others or dressing to bind others vs13
Speak only words that make our souls stronger .

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