Are we frozen or fearless

Hi chicks ,

Just thinking and pondering what the spirit in whispering.

What talents do we need to dig up? What has God given us that need to be used and multiplied for others ?

The enemy wants us to stay frozen when we advance with Jesus ,

What God gives the enemy will use against us

God has given us talents for His kingdom right , so let’s get out of the boat be brave like Peter .

Let’s be fearless
and in that we grow we advance rise above the enemy’s lies

Jesus sets us free
What the enemy wants to freeze us, keep us frozen
We’re free from those lies
Jesus is the truth
The truth shall set us free
Embrace Jesus accept His invite follow Him
Lean on Him not the lies and not ourselves
Only Jesus
He prepars the way and in Him we are and can do all things through Him He is our strength!!

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