Sharpen or dull?

Okay morning y’all
I have something share with you guys.
Like we al know and been sharing
We’re all influencing someone,
Someone is always watching right ,
Who are we pouring into, who is pouring into us . what facuet are we drinking from .
We’ll listened to podcast other day and then the study we’re doing Wednesday nights the weekly homework , it all linked
I shared couple weeks back from godmothers study
Who are we asking?
And are we asking the right people ?

We know iron sharpens iron
proverbs 27:17

But if someone is aluminum , not iron how can they Sharpen us?
They can’t !!
They will DULL us!
Ending in damage to both sides

When I heard this I was 😳 wow
This is so true and an eye opener
Which comes back to

Who’s pouring into you?
Do you see change,
are you growing being sharpened ?
becoming more dull and frozen ??
Something to think on and ponder on.

Check y’alls well source where your getting water , and your facets source .
From others and ourselves too, we wanna sharpen not dull.

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