It’s a process

Something I’ve been asking myself and the Jesus to teach me ,
And not just to know but to apply .

Ephesians 4:32
And be kind and compassionate to one another forgiving and another just as God also forgave you in Christ.

Ask+ journal

What is your initial gut reaction to the word “forgiveness”?
How does it encourage you to know that forgiveness is made possible by our cooperation instead of our determination?

I’ve never thought of it like this cooperation
Forgives is something we have to cooperate with how to forgive , if we don’t cooperate are we really forgiving? Or just gone thought the Motions

Is the issue keep comming back up?
Maybe we really didn’t fully forgive
How do we forgive what we can’t forget?

Only through Jesus ‘ blood is this possiable and out willingness to cooperate with Gods word and apply it even when we don’t fully know how it want to , When we’re willing
Cooperating this is when the Holy Spirit begins a work inside us and the
Forgivesness begins to take root
Let’s remember it takes cooperating with Gods word for results .
It’s saying here I am Lord , I’m willing I’m wanting change
Then the process begins

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