31 days of gratitude

31 days of Gratitude.
Start your mornings with rhythms and renewal, to refresh and to strengthen you soul.
Lately my mornings has been runs with God, walks with God. These morning rhythms are a piece of my identity , a piece God created me to be , this quiet time with the Lord , with Jesus Christ has been a sanctuary with laughter, tears, requests and a heart of gratitude , a heart or worship our Lord Jesus Christ.
God is reminding me , taking me back to the rhythms I somehow lost along the way in life, in the current season I find my self at . Something so simple so little can awaken us and bring back those rhythms God wants us to get back in and become our healthy habits to life .
When we’re walking in our healthy rhythm that God has called us to , we’re more at rest , more joyful, the feeling of contentment that only Jesus can bring.
Setting these healthy rhythms are apart of our identities , apart of who we are , who God created us to be .
Psalm 139:14 i will give thanks to you
For I I am fearfully and wonderfully made , wonderful are your works and my soul
Knows it very well .
When were making healthy choices we feel alive ,so excited , so many things awake in our spirits that God has for us , His plans start to take root and were in such a thankful season , its our heart of worship that
Moves GOD.
See when we’re being who God called us to be, our rhythms unlock another piece of who are are, who God created us to be .
What is your identify in christ?
We are what we do right?
What are the things that you’re passionate about?
What rhythms are you needing to set and what pens to let go?
So how this began , this journey to 31 days of gratitude .
It all started last week or so, reading rhythms for life journal by Rebeca Lyons
It got me thinking and talking with Jesus about how and why those healthy rhythms I was walking before seemed to just slip away.
The more I read , the more I was beginning to see what God was showing me and speaking to my heart . In the book it asked a bunch of questions like a quiz and also setting goals , as I was pondering on personal questions I was begging to see the healthy rhythms I let slip away and how I was beginning to set these rhythms back in motion .
Saw when we are taking time for ourselves, not for the households not for our husbands or our kids but self care as I call it, this important and an essential healthy rhythm we need to be setting , not just saying but doing.
This is when were we can hear Gods voice just a little more clearer , a little more humble we find ourselves and this sets the tone for a heart of worship, a heart of gratitude.
As christ created us , were a team, we are co creators With christ, when we have our Jesus time our heathy rhythm this is when we get our ideas , our creative side comes through , the plans and purposes for God begin to come to life was we hear Him sparks to out hearts and in that moment we begin to create for christ , get excited about ideas and prayers .
But sisters , it all start With a heart of worship, a heart of gratitude to our Lord Jesus Christ .
Which brings me to the next 31 days .
Over each day for the next 31 days write down pone thing your thankful for , we get so caught up in life and we forget and take for granted what God has given us , what He has blessed us with everyday.
From the littlest things to the big things its all from Jesus ,
He has blessed us with every blessing, physical or spiritual.
The more we’re thankful for the more our hearts worship Jesus and our hearts become a heart of worship and praise to our King , Jesus Christ .
A heart of gratitude is a rhythm we need to begin , we was created to worship our Lord , its not the other way around .
I was created to worship and sister so was you ,remember we are what we do!
I am a worshiper , its what I do its who God created me to be and created you to be as well, and when were worshiping it unlocks another part of our identity , of who we are another piece of us starts to come through and begins to set another rhythm.
My morning rhythm is running with Jesus, morning runs has became a must to keep me a healthy version of myself.
You see running is a piece of what I do , its what I am , its what God instilled in me
And apart of who He called me to be for His plans and His purposes.
On my morning Runs with Jesus , it’s a time or worship and prayer time , a time of gratitude and praise , a rhythm of communication . See praying is what I do , its who i am , its a healthy rhythm to set more as God speaks I listen , then that becomes doing, taking action being courageous and brave to where He is calling me and just saying yes!
Another rhythm that haas been so amazing , I’m so thankful for how the Lord allows me to share my heart through writing , weather on my blog , on social media and through a book .
Therefore I am a writer it’s what I do , it’s who I am .
I pray your following my heart along this journey , and feel my lobe and passion as I write , I pray sisters you understand the importance of what I’m trying to say.
Simply is this , give gratitude and praise to Jesus everyday, keep a heart of worship
Set healthy rhythms of who God called us to and walk them out ,starting with a thankful heart , thus is the key to our identities .
A heart of worship.
Who has God called you to be?
What do you do , that makes you who you are ?
What are you passionate about? What rhythms do you need to begin? And let go of?
Including these rhythms daily keeps me excited, joyful content , they keep me being me the me God called me to be , and im looking forward to the rhythms God has in store for me and sister, yes for you too.
I am a runner.
I am a worshiper.
I am a praying woman.
I am a writer.
Saying theses daily , but not only saying them living them brings praise and a heart of
Worship to God .
So join me in the next 31 days of gratitude , write one thing your thankful for each day
Give our God praise and worship His majesty everyday
Thus is my hearts prayer
In Jesus name amen.

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