Bent but not broken

Bent but not broken

Luke 13:11-12

And just then appeared a woman with a spirit that had crippled her for 18 years she was bent over and was quite unable to stand up straight. When Jesus saw her, he called her over and said “women, you are set free from your ailment

Here we meet this woman, who needed help everyday with the normal daily things we all do and let’s be honest , we take for granted , like getting out of bed , getting dressed .

Even taking a walk or a run for 18 years dependent on help .

Her condition makes it easy for her to remain invisible , not in the social interactions .

But look what happened, she shows up in the synagogue one day after having been ill for years and Jesus He saw her He healed her , instantly her life is changed .

What are the things that hold us some stuck on way for far to long .

What are the things that hold us down emotionally? The things that keep us from enjoying the beautiful abundant life God gives to us and that we so desire,

What heartache, anger or bitterness is standing in the way of our joy our peace and faith?

What does this woman storytellers we can do about it what kind of influence is her story teaching us ?

The most important step this woman takes in changing her own narrative is to get herself to the place and to the person who could help her , Jesus.

Can you imagine the pain , the anxiety just getting to the synagogue , how uncomfortable to get their , but she faced the hardship and knew it was worth the journey .

Maybe she heard people talking about Jesus , and how He heals .

What matters most in something we can glean from she didn’t hide behind her illness but rather brought her self right into His presence. Wow right ,

Jesus saw her and killed her in the text above the scripture she doesn’t say one word but her actions demonstrate to her entire community to herself and to Jesus that she’s ready for a change.

Change requires action!

The same goes for us but her story teaches us if we want change if we want healing from emotional and spiritual ways that burden us and leave us bent over, we can bring them to God in prayer our devotion time , Almighty God meets us where we are ! How amazing if this .

Showing up before God not being ashamed of where we are but just bringing the raw honesty, opens us to power and love.

Welcoming our vulnerability , God responds to the sincere offering, embracing us fully and working to set us free , to heal us

And to share out testimony’s with the world for His glory


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