Women of influence .

The samaritan woman .

John 4:10

Jesus answered her “ if you knew the gift of God, and who it is that is saying to you, give me a drink; you would have asked him, and he would have given you living water.

We meet the Samaritan woman, the woman at the well

talked about in John4 .

There has been much debate to what this encounter between this woman and Jesus actually was, it is a brief summary of this days events .

What started out as a normal day

simply a request for water from the well turned into a deep well discussion that motivates this woman to testify and

drop her jug , she ran to tell her experienced to everyone who will listen.

Let’s unpack here .

Who is this woman? A Samaritan, she was part of a minority group an outcast from the Jewish religious establishment. She couldn’t wait to mention that the well she was drawing from had been given to the Samaritans by their ancestor Jacob.

She desired more from God and was open to engaging across cultural and religious differences to find it.

The conversation at the at the well changed everything.

This day was her crossroad moment

She had a choice .

As we go about our daily activities I bet that like the Samaritan woman you also want more in life. A life that means something a fate that accomplishes something thankfully, it’s possible

It lays with having intimacy with God.

The Samaritan woman’s example for us to glean.

She shows us that Jesus desires the same intimacy with as that we do with him. It was no accident that He came to the well in Samaria though they were a religious minority .

Jesus reached out to them and He reaches out to us in the same way.

Her story also shows that intimacy with God means willingness to have our routines


She sat and drank for the well of Jesus , His living water poured into her

She was influenced by the Son of God .

What’s amazing here is we see her going to get her water from the well,

It was afternoon and hot out remember it’s wasn’t like jumping in your car and going , she has to walk a journey their for a drink and she carried her clay jug for water

I’m sure it wasn’t easy or light .

When she got their , her life was changed she has an encounter with Jesus .

True encounters brings change .

After talking with Jesus , that conversation was the living water her soul needed , she needs a drink , a refreshing taste to be renewed and wanting more .

Then best part after her long journey their , when she met Jesus

All that went out the window it didn’t matter anymore her encounter changed her and her spirit was alive , refreshed she tasted Jesus and His truth .

Immediately she got up excited dropped her clay jug and ran to tell about Jesus and her experience at the well.

What a conversation , what a story to tell.

See the jug represents the old , al that she was carrying , all her burdens .

She was made new after her encounter

And left it all behind

Gave Jesus her burdens to carry and got rest in her soul.

This my friends Is true for us as well ,

We may not be on a journey to a well , but we’re all on a journey somewhere

While carrying life’s struggles , we’re tired weighed down and need a cool drink , a taste of Jesus and His living water .

Jesus meets us where we are , yes right in our mundane while washing dishes , giving kids a bath, laundry whatever your daily looks like , Jesus is their waiting to have a conversation with us , an encounter with us and be changed , refreshed and renewed .

Let’s lead by her example by the Samaritan woman‘s influence to have an encounter with Christ to be changed , to drop our jugs, our burdens and to run and tell our testimonies with others to influence them to the well of Jesus.

If we feel the Lord nudging us we need to take a minute to listen. It won’t always be in our plan devotional time that God speaks to us ,

it might be while we’re at work trying to sleep or going about our daily chores, like the Samaritan woman was what seems to be the most inconvenient time.

Welcome to interruption.

The kind of intimacy the woman at the well experience is rooted in honesty and vulnerability.

Jesus uses this moment as a way for the woman to know him look at her response as soon as He recounts her life history she says sir I perceive that you are a prophet suddenly she understands that Jesus is not just some thirsty stranger she moves from being annoyed with his carrying on about living water , to understanding that He looks into her life and knows her intimately.

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