My book

Hey y’all ! It’s Finally here I’ve finished my book ! Talk about a memorial stone to what Jesus has done! Where I was to where He’s taken me has been a journey with lots of valleys and some peaks . I’m beyond grateful and thankful for what He did and is continuing to do.

All glory to Jesus y’all!! He has given me the bravery and courage to share my heart , my story and my journey with Who He called me to be .

I wanna ask and thank you all for supporting me , She’s laughing along the way , and if you’d like to purchase my book I would appreciate it to the highest . All funds from buying will be going back into printing copies and saving toward getting it published ! I’m so excited and in awe of a Jesus He is always faithful .

God bless you all over and beyond.

Order your copy head to Venmo click the link below . $10 for each copy and free shipping , select pay and don’t forget to include your address for shipping along with any notes .

If y’all know me and are close by feel free to text me for a copy and I’ll hand deliver

God bless !!!!

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