So we all have these seasons in our lives where Sorrow sneaks in instantly and unwelcomely , we find ourselves asking the whys, the hows, and all the emotions of heartache .

their we find the sorrowful season life has brang.

This is something we can’t stop , or change but  how we react is a choice we have. 

 And most importantly are we inviting Jesus in our sorrows ? He is with us through them  waiting for us to invite Him in the heartache .

He will strengthen us and if we let him take our sorrows for joy . 

Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ 

Who strengthens me.

As we learn from the wise words of Solomon in the Bible ecclesiastics chapter 3 their is a time for everything . 

Jesus also tells us in 

Matthew 11:28 

Come unto me all you who are weary and burden as I will give you rest. 

Are we giving Him our burdens ? Are we taking His rest ?

Life‘s unexpected moments happened right in the Mundane of our normal routine , that phone call,  that conversation,  that one moment that changes our lives forever . 

So with this all being written , this past week I found myself here in a season of sorrow . we’ve lost someone dear to our hearts , a mighty man of Jesus !

A family member I can recall since I was 3 years old and who also I had the privilege to grow under His teaching , He was our pastor until he went to be with Jesus just a few days ago .

Jesus called His son home .

My heart is saddened yet joyful thinking , I can only imagine him with Jesus dancing and worshiping our king on streets of gold.

My Heart goes out to the family in this season of

Sorrow and grief . 

I do know this too shall

Pass and will see him again someday that’s the hope of Jesus , His promise to us . 

So remember when the sorrows come , take a breath and invite Jesus with you, lean into Him 

He is with us all every day , every second of our lives . 

So dear friends I ask you all to say a small prayer for us all as we face the days to come and attend our pastors funeral , pray for peace and strength for all the family .

Thanks so so much , and God bless all

your hearts.

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