Good morning y’all .

So first things first this is a hard post for me but I’m pushing through and sharing my brokenness with you all and what I’ve learned , pretty much a smack in the face !

So past couple weeks I’ve been praying , asking Jesus teach my heart about boundaries as He spoke To my heart beginning of the year on yielding .

So I kept saying boundaries ? What does that mean right away I started to analyze this and not to sure what or how this was for me .

Seeing a study called I do boundaries I’ve did the study one night at my kitchen table and I was blown away and I still am .

So I was like okay , I understand boundaries more and more , before I’d hear that word and was frightened it just sounds scary , yup I don’t know why lol maybe you’ve felt that too at some point .

So I made some lists and knew their needed boundaries in my home , with my kids in our Marriage with friendships and more

Still praying asking God , how Lord do i do this ? All I knew was I needed boundaries ! And it was for me . As I had a picture in my head about how I was going to put into action and thinking how to set them for people what’s my boundaries I won’t accept , little did I know I had the wrong concept here , let me explain …

Boundaries I needed yes , as I shared above but what God was speaking was for me! Boundaries I needed not to step over , what lines I shouldn’t cross . Even something so small seems harmless is a boundary and I needed to know that line.

Yesterday all this unfolded right before me eyes . As the day passes moment by moment it’s still speaking volumes to me the boundaries I need to know and keep in areas of my life our home , our marriage and even on social media . Different seasons of our lives come in and sometimes we’re blind at first or even numb to them , but different seasons call for different boundaries .

See we change our ages our, our growth our placements with people and status . This hard truth about boundaries was a smack in the face and boy oh boy was it needed .

Not saying I liked it but in order for us to grow and move forward to the place and person God called us to and become first He has to refine us , put us through the fires not for harm but for better . As pottery has to be refined and in the fire to holds it shape and be what the creator created it to be well so do we . Wow right !! Yup talk about the hard things , but its what we need .

Think about it everything was easy all the time would that keep you close to Jesus ? Or not so much right because Jesus is near the the broken-hearted . Of course He is with the not broken seasons too but the more broken we are the more we lean on Jesus .

Yesterday driving while riding along I was looking out the window and asking God why ? He spoke “ the brokenness keeps you close to Jesus’ heart “

It was like a light bulb , sure when things are going good smooth we thank Jesus but we’re not to that place needing Jesus every breath let’s be honest . You know the feels I’m trying to explain here .

See when God speaks and reveals things to us that’s not the end we don’t stop their , before you know it another hard season season comes why? Because He is not finished with us yet

We will never be finished done here on earth , life is a series of journeys , a series of Highs and lows and it’s all for our benefit to teach us mold us shape us for Gods glory.

“With Jesus theirs always a meanwhile”

Being real to myself about different things I’m lacking and needing growth and refined in , only here can Jesus take me and mold me it starts with confessing , being real and willing to admit and accept the process of change .

See i’d been asking Jesus a lot lately to strengthen our marriage our relationship restore and renew what was lost needs growth needs made new, to be each others person ride or die to be close to be in each others corners no matter what our downfalls , sins or brokenness looks like , for Jesus to let us see each other how he sees us with love compassion forgiven because we’re all Gods creations we all His sons and daughters . Well when we ask God shows up may not be how we want or expect and even on our time but HE always does HE is always faithful and HE knows what we need even if it’s hard , see HE don’t fix He makes new! This process through the pain leads to the promise .

I m still on a series of journeys and still learning more every moment that passes I’m so thankful for Jesus and His faithfulness to not let us go but always showing up and chasing after us , teaching us and leading us back where we need to be and on the path HE has for us .

God bless y’all and remember boundaries are hard truths but are so needed.

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