Being a mom I think it one of the most hardest seasons in life , through each season we face as they grow . Speaking and living as the right examples and, pouring in the right things to them , being careful no to pour toxic into them . when I’m having a hard time or day , or even responding to how someone treats them . (Ouch)
As the girls have grown so many season have just showed up and said I’m here ! Not a warm welcome but as an uninvited guess haha . Each season comes with laughter , tears, hurts, live and learn lessons but most of all they all come with teachable moments and produce growth .
As a mama of these 2 young ladies and one 1 son (not in photo) I want to protect them for each heartache, from hurtful ways , for being mistreated by friends and all the things us as mamas know comes with life . But let’s be real we can’t ! But what we can do is teach them Jesus , teach them love , teach them respect and to be loyal good hearted humans and sometimes that might not come back to you from others . But to continue being the light shining for Jesus in every season of life .
And then another hard truth for us mamas , *when teaching all this we must walk it also *
This morning as I was talking to Jesus telling Him my heart asking Him Lord help me how do I do this
how do I not let all the things shake me , and how do I speak and be a example of you through these seasons.
To blind my eyes to the hurts , and keep them open on you Lord and your Love.
How is this obtainable ?
Being a praying woman ,
a praying wife , a praying mama!

• so mamas out their I ask y’all , what’s your current season of motherhood and how are you stewarding that well?

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