Inside Job • women of influence

In Joshua 2 we’re introduced to Rahab, a woman used by God , He had a plan reguard of her background , she was a harlot ,
a prostitute . But God saw her heart , He saw her faithfulness . God changed her destiny .
We don’t know how she came to her level of faith vs12 –
But we see her faithfulness come into play as she asked for a token of mercy for her family to be spared , then here is where her faithfulness showed , she hid the spy’s , she didn’t tell her people where the spy were they belived her due to her reputation.

Rehab is a Canaanite woman she is celebrated in Christian scripture for her faith Hebrews 1131, James 225
She was a woman of faith,

She even gave birth to Boaz as which makes her the great great grandmother of king David an ancestor to Jesus

Matthew 1:5-16

Greatness flowed from rehab.

Rehab was redeemed chosen for greatness not only was she brave with courage she also was faithful regardless of her background she served the one true God.

And He had a plan for her in her obedience and faithfulness as she hid the spies .

As rehab here despise she knew this kind of offense would surely land her in prison for rehab wait for it anyway why? Because it was clear to her that the God of Israel was real.

God‘s parting of the Red Sea among other things had made her believe (Joshua 2:10 )

because of her courage she and her family were spared.

She a woman who was brave , a woman who was used in part of Gods plan .
Verse 18 the scarlet cord, this is my favorite
The scarlet cord would enable isreals army to identify Rahabs house and spare all who was inside . See the connection !!!
The scarlet cord symbolizes the redemptive with of Christ that saves us all .
The blood of Jesus Christ , By His blood we are redeemed we are saved! Protected
As we seen in exodus the blood upon the door post it’s , Gods protection for all destruction to pass over us , we’re covered with that scarlet cord to this day!
Verse 21 rahab bound the scarlet cord in the window .
She was a woman of Faith , she was obedient to the only true GOD.
Not only faithful but bravery as well.

Rehab teaches us the value of staying socially conscious of the world around us.

That knowledge made her alert and aware of what was happening when the spies showed up, she knew why they were there not for self pleasure ( remember she was a Harlot)

but for much more important task .

She trusted her intuition and acted to protect them. She bit on the winning team and it paid off .

So let’s ask ourselves a question. Are you paying attention are you called to be much more than churchgoers and worshipers. Are you called to be wise courageous and ready to act for good when you can?.

Maybe you aren’t called to save your family , but rather another group of vulnerable people who need your help each season comes with different callings!

What about Rahabs story inspires you to stay informed and courageous and ready to say yes to God when he calls?

2 thoughts on “Inside Job • women of influence

  1. Thank you so much for this word.
    In this season my family is not responding to my messages I leave or invitations to get together.
    I’m so in love with King Jesus 💖
    I’m so glad I kepted reading until the end regarding the saving of family.
    Hallelujah God is an on time God.


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