Pause and sift

•Pause & sift •
Psalm 5:3
Each morning I bring my requests to you and wait expectantly.
• how often are we praying , gaveling a one way conversation with Jesus ? Are we sitting and listening to Him also?
He might be just about to dispatch the answer we’re waiting for , but we rushed and off and didn’t pause and sift through His response .
His response might not be what we wanna hear but it’s what we need to hear. Amen
One thing we can be sure of is ,He always hears us , Jesus is always listening as we talk to Him and His answers are waiting when we sit and be still to listen to Him , so remember to pause and sift to Gods voice
🎙 how can we build a watchtower for God over our hearts and our lives this week?
🎙 how can we be intentional to pause ?
Remember to watch and wait on Jesus
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